Spiral Bevel Gear, 1/16 Traxxas


$ 43.88 
SKU: VXS9282X02

- CNC machined aluminum and hardened high carbon steel construction
- Aluminum carrier cover plate is anodized red
- Precision machined helical spiral cut gears offer inherently greater
strength and smooth operation than the factory bevel cut gears

- One (1) steel 34T ring gear
- One (1) steel 13T pinion gear
- One (1) steel carrier
- One (1) aluminum carrier cover plate
- Two (2) carrier bearing shims to use as needed

- Two sets per vehicle
- Reuses Traxxas 7082 internal spider and carrier gears, as well as the output shaft seal and outdrives from the original differential
- Installation may require shimming using the included shims for proper gear mesh. The gears should run freely without too much play and without binding.
- Use removable thread lock (e. g. blue Loctite) on carrier screws
- Differential grease

- Carrier width: ~23mm
- Carrier bearing boss diameter: 8mm
- Pinion length: ~19.5mm

- Does not include inner differential gears.
- Replaces Traxxas 7079 ring and pinion and 7080 carrier cover plates (except for the output shaft seal)
- Shimming the differential correctly is an important step in building the perfect differential. If needed more shims may be purchased via Hot Racing part number W8X.

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