2005 Chevy 1500 MT Single Cab, "Samson" w/ arms / racerback




The JConcepts team took a considerable amount of time to blend the 3D Samson arms into the design of this 2005 Chevy Silverado body. The blended truck and character have been around since Dan Patrick was contracted by a TV company in the early 90's to produce something for the famous show, American Gladiator. Since then, it's been a trademark of the Samson team to run the "big guns" on every racing vehicle in the line-up.

When it comes to monster trucks, Chevrolet has a die-hard following going back to the square body designs of the 70's and 80's. A keen eye will detect the family heritage in monster trucks and JConcepts is bringing another favorite to the RC loyalist.

The muscles are chiseled into the front tire openings, while the aerodynamics remain intact for the truck to hold its own in a straight-line. A twin-port grille, full-width bumper, and power hump hood create a strong presence, which is carried through in sculpted body sides. The grille area has not been compromised and accepts the detailed JConcepts decal sheet and includes two different grille and headlight options.

The 2005 Silverado's bed features a slight recess which painters can leave clear or detail to their specification on any build. No race truck would be complete without a bobbed rear bedside to give racers extra clearance and an unmistakable visual rake.

Each package includes window mask, 2005 generation Chevy Silverado specific decal sheet, racerback, visor and clear polycarbonate body. In addition, this body includes the Samson graphics wrap that can be applied to the finished product.

Sold clear. Shown painted for display purposes only.


  • Samson, officially licensed by Patrick Enterprises Incorporated to JConcepts Inc.
  • Officially licensed by Chevrolet to JConcepts Inc.
  • Body measures 7.50" in width and 12.5" wheelbase
  • Fits a variety of platforms including solid axle race trucks
  • Scale inspired body, cab and window design
  • 1:1 headlight and grill treatment
  • Clear heavy-duty polycarbonate with protective film
  • Racerback and visor included for the ultimate scale look
  • Window masks and detailed 2005 Chevrolet decal sheet
  • Highly detailed, super quality Samson decal wrap
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