Complete Front/ Rear Differential


$ 59.99 
SKU: TKR5148

This is a replacement Tekno RC Complete Front/Rear Differential. This differential includes the TKR5151 Differential Ring Gear and must be used with the TKR5152 Diff Pinion Gear. Package includes all the parts needed to build one differential that can be used in either the front or rear position.
NOTE: In NB48 applications, this differential is only used in the front position.
(2) TKR1234 – M2.5×9.8mm pins for outdrives
(2) TKR5114X – Differential Outdrives (f/r, 2pcs)
(1) TKR5143 – diff seal
(2) TKR5144 – diff o-rings
(2) TKR5145 – 6x17mm shims
(2) TKR5149 – Differential Cross Pins
(1) TKR5113 – Differential Case (f/c/r, 1pc)
(1) TKR5150 – Differential Gear Set (internal gears only)
(1) TKR5151 – Differential Ring Gear Straight cut (40t, REQUIRES TKR5152 Differential Pinion Gear)
(2) TKRBB08165 – 8x16x5mm bearings

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