CRF-1 Pro Racing Chassis Kit




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Hot on the heels of setting TQ and winning outright the first BRCA F1 National of 2020, Carisma Racing releases a chassis only version of the revolutionary CRF-1 2WD F1 platform. It includes a full set of Carisma team suggested option parts as standard, allowing the racer to then choose the body type, the correct wheels and tyres for the tracks they race on, and their choice of electrics.

This is a no compromise Kit designed for just one purpose...winning. It's as simple as that. No hard sell required, the CRF-1 was designed from the ground up to allow the end user to adjust every conceivable parameter in the steering, suspension, chassis geometry and grip characteristics.

For The Racers, For The Drivers...
2WD, and specifically F1 is a true drivers class, and possibly the closest thing in RC to the thrill of 1:1 racing. Many factors come into play to make such a successful chassis. It's about the ease of setting the car up to suit the track and it's surface, and Just like it's full sized counterpart, testing is the key to it's success. The prototype was extensively tested in both Asia and Europe, then from that data the final production model was born, with its compliment of performance hop up's supplied as standard issue as recommended by our Team Drivers.

Take our baseline set-ups and tweak them to your own driving style. Push the limits of it's straight line speed and both on and off power grip in the corners. Slow in, fast out is the name of the game and getting that all important podium position the ultimate goal. From a stock class club racer, to a full blown National or International contender, the CRF-1 takes it all in its stride, and leaves no-one wondering as to its true intent...

NOT Included In The Kit:
No Body or Body Detailing Parts
No Wheel And Tyres
No Steering Servo
No Electronics
No Battery
No Pinion
No Motor

Main Technical Specifications
Full Carbon Fibre Race Chassis, Aircraft Grade Alloy and High Quality Composite Components.
Unique front bulkhead design for multiple set ups and ease of on-the-fly tuning.
Rear pivot pod with innovative side shock sliders and optional Dual-Stage Suspension.
Every aspect of the geometry is fully adjustable to dial in any track condition.
Real world tested. No theoretical, No simulation, Fully Race proven.

Front End Innovations:
Adjustable Castor 0-14 deg by changing 1 shim.
Adjustable Camber -3 to (as much positive as you want) by adding shims.
Adjustable Ride Height by changing shims under front end assembly.
Metal Pivot balls for increased durability and smooth movement.
Aluminium upper arm mounts.
Built in reactive castor (5 degrees) for increased steering.
Durable steering blocks with 2 steering link mounting positions.
Adjustable roll centre by adding shims under top arms.
Extra long front wheel axles to allow a multitude of wheels/tyres to fit.
Easily Adjustable front width.
Industry STD front springs on the king pins.
Adjustable Ackerman settings - 3 positions from the kit.
Front brace helps support the front end and increases front to rear chassis stiffness.
M4 screws used to mount the front end assembly into sturdy aluminium mounts for maximum durability.
Castor mount supports the front end to reduce chances of tweak on impacts.
Dual Ball-raced single pivot aluminium steering bell-crank.
2 Wheelbase settings using the same parts.
1 piece stiff lower suspension arm - more steering and less chance of tweak.
Accepts all ETS allowed wings and others.
Steering lock stops.

Rear End Innovations:
Increased centre pivot angles allow huge pod movement - huge advantage on bumpy tracks and curb riding.
Lightweight 2 piece aluminium bulkheads.
Ride height adjustable via shims under the aluminium bearing holders.
Smooth durable ball differential with thrust race built in.
Accepts all 14mm hex wheels.
4 s

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