73492 Servo-Saver Eliminator Bellcrank ECX Boost


$ 11.95 
SKU: RPM73492

This is the optional RPM Servo Saver Eliminator Bellcrank
for the ECX Boost. 2WD Circuit, Ruckus and Torment.
Molded from engineering grade nylons
Ultra-tight tolerance Delrin bushings (upgradeble to ball bearings-
bearings not included)
Eliminates C-clip design of stock servo saver in favor of a servo to
tie rod system
Replaces the bellcranks and center-link
Servo Saver Eliminator Bellcrank Assembly with Instructions
Order two 3x6x2.5mm bearings (HPIC2013), and two 5x8x.2.5mm bearings
(HPIC0096) to replace Delrin bushings.
This system eliminates any form of servo-saver from the steering
linkage. RPM recommends servo-mounted servo-savers such as those
offered by Kimbrough Racing Products. Some modifications to the
chassis or skid plate may be necessary when installing an
aftermarket servo saver.

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