4 Capacitors Module for Xerun Series Car ESC


$ 9.99 
SKU: HWI86030000


Capacity: 470uF x 4.
Voltage: 16V.
Impedance: 0.002 ohm
Ripple Current Endurance: 24 Amp
Size: 42mm(L) * 10mm(W) * 15mm(H).
Suitable ESC: Xerun series Car ESC
Purchase: No 86030000

Super low impedance and low heat emission create a more powerful start. With its excellent "Ripple Current Endurance", interference caused by the quick switch on/off of the MOSFETs is observably decreased. This makes the power supply system operate cleanly, and the whole brushless system steadier. Small size and light weight make installation more convenient.

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