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RC Racing Brands | Trackside Hobby

Trackside Hobby specializes in R/C racing cars and performance R/C parts from brands including Mugen, Proline, J Concepts, Tekno, and Team Associated. We also carry a full line of non-racing remote control monster trucks, buggies, and boats from brands such as Traxxas.

Our hobby shop is only 4000 feet away from a 120x90 indoor RC off road racetrack in Harville, Ohio. We work closely with the racetrack (NEORCRC) and are always on the lookout for the fastest RC cars and trucks and the best tires, parts, and accessories on the market.  

What Makes Trackside Hobby Different?

  1. Expert R/C Product Knowledge. Our highly trained staff is available to answer all of your RC-related questions and make sure you find exactly what you’re looking for. Unlike general hobby stores, our core focus is on electric radio controlled vehicles.
  2. Fast Shipping. We offer next-day shipping for customers in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Indiana, Michigan, and Kentucky.
  3. Community Involvement. We are actively involved in the local R/C community and sponsor a number of drivers.


If there is a brand you are looking at and we don't list it, give us a call at 330-587-9022 or send us an email. You can also visit our eBay store for more RC Cars & Trucks, tires and rims, and motors.