Blade Inductrix Switch All-in One Hovercraft Review

Blade Inductrix Switch All-in One Hovercraft Review

From the get-go, I was pretty excited to try out the Inductrix Switch All-in-One Drone/Hovercraft; however, my enthusiasm dampened somewhat during setup. First, in order to prepare the device for helicopter mode, you have to detach it from the base, a task that requires quite a bit of care because the plastic feels a little fragile. Plus, the instructions weren’t very intuitive, so it took some time to figure out how to put it in the different modes and turn it on (tip: to turn the fans on and off, press directly down onto the left toggle).  Once you’ve deciphered the instructions, though, the controls are easy to get the hang of, and before we knew it, we had the Inductrix Switch zipping through the rooms of our house and terrorizing our cat.

The Inductrix Switch responds to the slightest nudge of the controls, and since we sent it careening into walls and countertops more than once as we got a feel for how to steer it, it’s safe to assume that the Inductrix Switch might be more durable than it first appears. Also, I do not recommend sticking a finger into the actively spinning blades, as the plastic is quite a bit harder than it looks.  The device turns on a dime in Hovercraft mode, and though it is slower on carpet than it is on hard floors, it still drives quite well.


The main issue I had with the Inductrix Switch was the battery life.  The battery runs out very quickly, so even though it’s extremely fun to play with, the fun just doesn’t last long enough. However, the the battery will reach full charge fairly quickly once you plug it in.


In a nutshell, when considering whether to buy, keep the following in mind:



  • Definitely fun

  • More durable than it looks

  • Easy to remember controls



  • Setup is not intuitive

  • Short battery life

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