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Team Associated Reedy S-Plus 21.5 Competition Spec Class Motor

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The heart of the S-Plus is a thin leg stator that allows shorter wire lengths, resulting in a massive reduction in resistance. This reduction in resistance, hovering just above the minimum allowed by ...
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The Heart Of The S-Plus Is A Thin Leg Stator That Allows Shorter Wire Lengths Resulting In A Massive Reduction In Resistance. This Reduction In Resistance Hovering Just Above The Minimum Allowed By R.O.A.R. Means That The S-Plus Is Reedy's Most Powerful Spec Motor.

The Thin-Leg Stator Offers Another Benefit - Weight Reduction. By Reducing The Motor's Weight Handling And Chassis Turning Flexibility Improves. Machined Parts Such As The Can Timing Cap Back Plate And Sensor Assembly Have Been Placed On A Diet. An Entire Section Of The Front Plate Has Been Removed To Reduce Weight With An Added Benefit Of Allowing The User To Re-Position It To Lower Cg Depending On Which Type Of Car It Is Being Installed In. A Savings Of Nearly 30G Has Been Achieved! Additionally The Motor's Length Has Been Reduced By More Than 2Mm Which Aids Left/Right Balance And Moves Mass Towards The Center Of The Chassis.

An All-New High-Strength Balanced Rotor Is More Powerful That It's Predecessor. Because The Rotor Is Interchangeable With Those In 540-M3 Spec Motors A Wide Range Of Tuning Options Are Already Available. Precision Stainless Steel Ball Bearings Have Been Fitted To Accommodate High Rpm Loads With Exceptional Efficiency And Reliability.


  • Cnc-Machined Lightweight Can
  • Low-Resistance Stator
  • High-Strength Balanced Rotor
  • Silver-Plated Solder Tabs
  • Precision Ball Bearings
  • Optimized Air Cooling
  • Specifications:

  • Cells: 1-2S Lipo
  • Diameter: 35.8Mm
  • Length: 50.4Mm
  • Shaft Diameter: 3.15Mm
  • Weight: 147G
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