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Team Associated Reedy Blackbox 1000Z+ Competition Esc

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Reedy's Blackbox 1000Z+ is a simple-to-use, economical, and powerful ESC that features timing options for Modified class racers as well as zero-timing blinky mode for Spec class racers. Excellent thro...
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Reedy's Blackbox 1000Z+ Is A Simple-To-Use Economical And Powerful Esc That Features Timing Options For Modified Class Racers As Well As Zero-Timing Blinky Mode For Spec Class Racers. Excellent Throttle And Brake Feel A Wide Range Of Adjustability And Robust Hardware Make The Blackbox 1000Z+ Suitable For A Variety Of Racing Applications.

Lightweight Plastic Case With Compact Footprint
Heat Sink With Cooling Fan
Fully Adjustable Brake And Throttle Functions
On-Board Single-Button Programming
Zero-Timing Roar-Approved Software
Timing Options For Modified Racing
Low-Resistance Circuitry
Precision Throttle And Brake Control
Solder Tabs For Easy Wire Placement
13-Gauge Power Wires
Compact External Capacitor Board
Firmware Updateable
Competition Proven

Adjustable Settings
Drag Brake Adjust Automatic Braking Strength When The Throttle Trigger Is Returned To Neutral.
Brake Frequency Create A Smoother Or More Aggressive Brake Feel.
Maximum Brake Strength Increase Or Reduce The Esc's Maximum Braking Power.
Power Profile Increase Or Decrease 'Punch.'
Drive Frequency Create A Smoother Or More Aggressive Throttle Feel.
Timing Select The Amount Of Timing Fed To The Motor To Increase Power And Top Speed.
Operation Mode Select Forward/Brake (F/B) Or Forward/Brake/Reverse (F/B/R) Operation.
Restore Default Restore The Factory Default Settings.


  • Voltage Input 2S Lipo
  • On Resistance 0.00014
  • Continuous Current 100
  • Dimensions (Mm) 40.2 X 31.0 X 21.9
  • Weight W/O Wires & Fan (G) 40
  • Motor Limit 5.5T
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