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Tamiya Remote Controlled Forklift

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This kit includes a 3-channel remote control with self-neutral control sticks to operate the forward/reverse, left/right turning, and up/down fork movements. The vehicle body and seat are made from du...
Part Number: tam70115
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This Kit Includes A 3-Channel Remote Control With Self-Neutral Control Sticks To Operate The Forward/Reverse Left/Right Turning And Up/Down Fork Movements. The Vehicle Body And Seat Are Made From Durable Plastic Material While The Fork Mast And Chain Are Metal Components. This Kit Can Be Easily Assembled Thanks To A Combination Of Snap-Together Parts And Screws. The User Also Assembles The Gearboxes And Remote Control. The Model Can Lift Items Up To 100G In Weight To Enable A Variety Of Fun Game Ideas.


  • 3 Motors Included
  • Separately Required: 2 D Alkaline Batteries
  • Specifications:

  • Overall Length: 215Mm
  • Width: 105Mm
  • Height: 207Mm
  • Maximum Fork Height: 207Mm
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