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Tamiya Jr Mini 4Wd Maintenance Mat

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This is a maintenance mat for use on your Mini 4WD workbench. It comes in a stylish blue color, and with the Mini 4WD logo printed in the center, the mat prevents small parts from rolling or bouncing ...
Part Number: tam15468
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This Is A Maintenance Mat For Use On Your Mini 4Wd Workbench. It Comes In A Stylish Blue Color And With The Mini 4Wd Logo Printed In The Center The Mat Prevents Small Parts From Rolling Or Bouncing Off The Mat. It Is Also Just The Right Size To Roll Up And Fit Into Your Portable Pit.


  • Can Be Used Together With Item 94823 Mini 4Wd Hg Aluminum Setting Board.
  • Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 180Mm X 290Mm
  • Material: Polymer Environmental Resin (Per)
  • Thickness: 4Mm
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