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Schelle Racing Onyx Plus 3-Gear Bearing Set

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The Onyx Plus (Onyx + Ceramic) Set is for the budget minded racers. Ceramic 5x10mm for the super-high RPM topshaft and idler, while we sub out Onyx bearings for the 10x15. They are still lubricated...
Part Number: shl-sch2316
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The Onyx Plus (Onyx + Ceramic) Set Is For The Budget Minded Racers. Ceramic 5X10mm For The Super-High Rpm Topshaft And Idler While We Sub Out Onyx Bearings For The 10X15. They Are Still Lubricated With Our National Winning Black Diamond Bearing Oil..... You Get Almost All The Benefit At A Fraction Of The Cost. Now You Can Afford To Outfit Your Entire Fleet!

A Free-Spinng Gearbox Bearing Set Has Become A Must-Have For 17.5 Stock Racers. Since Winning Our First Roar Nationals With Jeremy Harris In 2014 17.5 Racers Across The Nation Have Been Getting Schelle Bearings For Their Gearboxes. Simply Put The Schelle Bearings Instantly Make Your Car Run Faster And Keep Your Motor Temps Lower. We've Seen Drops Of At Up To 10 Degrees From 150F To 140F From Changing Kit Bearings To Schelle Ceramics. Reduced Drag In The Gearbox Translates Directly To More Power To The Wheels And That Is The Name Of The Game In 17.5 Spec Class Racing.

The Sch2316 Gearbox Set Fit: B6.1 B6.1D B6 Series Or B5m Factory Lite 3-Gear. Fits Yokomo Yz2-Dtm And The Tlr 22 Buggy Series 22 5.0 4.0 And 22 3.0 With 3- Gear Transmissions. Lastly Fits The Kyosho Rb7 Rb6.6 3-Gear. This Set Uses 4 Pcs. 5X10 Mm Size And 2 Pcs. 10X15mm Size.

Precision Manufactured To Abec-3 Standards
Lubed With Premium Bearing Oil
2 Metal Shield For Minimum Drag
Ideal For Stock Racers Looking For Some Extra Speed. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Fits: B6.1 B6.1D B6 B5m Factory Lite Tlr 22 5.0 Tlr 22 4.0 Yokomo Yz2 Dtm And Kyosho Rb7 3-Gear.

Maintenance And Care:

-Once A Month Every 4 Track Days: Check Bearings By Spinning Gearbox (Pinion Removed) And Axles. Listen/Feel For Grit Or Dirt In Bearings

- If Gritty Take Apart Gearbox Or Hub And Check Individual Bearings. If Everything In Smooth You Can Add 1-2 Drops Of Oil Every Other Time You Check The Bearings. Over-Oiling Can Get Messy And Attract More Dirt So Be Moderate In Your Oiling.

-To Clean Never Use Brake Cleaner This Causes Grease/Lube To Break Down And Clump Making Things Worse With It's Harsh Chemicals. Brake Cleaner Will Ruin Your Bearings. Use 1) A Citrus Based Degreaser Or 2) Electric Parts Cleaner A.K.A. Motor Spray. Citrus Base Cleaners Are More Safe To Use Since They Do Not Contain Harsh Chemicals.

-Use 1) A Sonic Jewelry Cleaner Or 2) Bearing Blaster To Try And Work Out The Dirt.

-Let Bearings Dry And Re-Check. If It's Clean And Still Gritty Odds Are That The Dirt Has Damaged And Dented The Rolling Surface And You Need To Replace Your Bearing. If They Are Smooth You Need To Re-Lube With Specialty Bearing Grease Or Light Oil.

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