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Dst 5.8 Ghz Fpv Goggles With 2S Lipo And Charger

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DST FPV goggles deliver a comfortable, high-performance FPV video performance at a budget price! Their unique screen design reduces fatigue and helps to eliminate the uncomfortable 'vertigo-effect' pr...
Part Number: dstfpv-01
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Dst Fpv Goggles Deliver A Comfortable High-Performance Fpv Video Performance At A Budget Price! Their Unique Screen Design Reduces Fatigue And Helps To Eliminate The Uncomfortable 'Vertigo-Effect' Produced By Other Goggles While The Battery Pack Is Safely Located Away From The Users' Eyes.

  • Built-In Wireless 5.8Ghz Receiving 4 Frequency Bands 32 Channels With Automatic Frequency Search
  • Compatible With Standard Cvbs Signals In Either Ntsc Or Pal Format
  • Includes 'Mushroom-Style' Antenna For Superb Reception
  • 8-Language Menu (Chinese English Spanish Japanese Russian German French)
  • Supports Av Video Input And Output
  • Adjustable Image Brightness And Contrast
  • Features Optimized Components To Reduce Visual Fatigue During Use
  • Ergonomic Comfortable Design With Adjustable Headband
  • Integrated 7.4V 1300Mah Lipo With Included Charger Delivers Two Hours Of Uninterrupted Use And Is Safely Located Away From The User's Eyes On The Backside Of The Headband

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