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Dhk Hobby Raz-R 2 1/10 4Wd Truck Rtr Wit With Battery And Charger

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The Raz-R 2 is a 1/10 4WD Stadium truck that is the ideal for the entry-level user, but strong enough for a more advanced driver. It has a rugged construction which allows the truck to hold up to rep...
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The Raz-R 2 Is A 1/10 4Wd Stadium Truck That Is The Ideal For The Entry-Level User But Strong Enough For A More Advanced Driver. It Has A Rugged Construction Which Allows The Truck To Hold Up To Repeated Abuse.

The Raz-R 2 Comes With A 7-Cell 1800Mah Ni-Mh Battery Pack And Charger To Power The Truck Which Allows The End User To Begin Enjoying The Truck Almost Instantly. The Raz-R 2 Includes A 60A Waterproof Esc With Reverse And A Large 550-Sized Brushed Motor With An Internal Fan And Cooling Jacket. This Combo Makes An Excellent Value As An Entry-Level Vehicle And Is Built Tough Enough Not To Disappoint.

Items Needed To Complete:
  • 4 Aa Batteries
  • Features:

  • 2.4Ghz Radio System
  • 60A Waterproof Brushed Esc
  • Large Oil-Filled Coil-Over Shocks.
  • Oil-Filled Front And Rear Differentials For Great Performance.
  • Reinforced Chassis And Upper Deck Bracing Design
  • Over-Sized Strong Metal Drive Axles.
  • Specifications:

  • Length - 18.0' Including Rear Wing
  • Width - 11.8'
  • Height - 7.28' Including Rear Wing
  • Weight - 4.9 Lbs.
  • Wheelbase - 11.4'
  • Tire Diameter: 108*54Mm(4.3In/2.1In)
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