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Bat-Safe Lipo Battery Charging Safe Box

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The simple solution to safe charging of LiPo batteries. The BAT-SAFE is an insulated double wall steel box that contains the fire and intense heat in case of a runaway battery. The smoke and soot is ...
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The Simple Solution To Safe Charging Of Lipo Batteries.
The Bat-Safe Is An Insulated Double Wall Steel Box That Contains The Fire And Intense Heat In Case Of A Runaway Battery. The Smoke And Soot Is Filtered Through A Flame Arrestor.
Bat-Safe Is Lightweight Easy To Use And Inexpensive. It Has A Magnetic Attached Charger Stand A Handle For Easy Transportation A Fire Proof Lid Seal And Wire Ways Allow Access For Charging Wires.


  • Fireproof Double Wall Steel Insulated Box
  • Flame Arrestor With Soot Filter
  • Fireproof Wire Way
  • Easy Opening Lid With Locking Latch
  • Removable Charger Stand
  • Lightweight With Carry Handle
  • Specifications:

  • Max Supported Battery Size For Charging: 2Pc 6S (22.2V) 6000Mah Lipo
  • Interior Dimensions: 9.5X6.5X4' (24X16.5X10cm)
  • Exterior Dimensions: 12X9x6.5' (30X22x16.5Cm)
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