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1Up Racing Tc7 Dynamic Toe Control Conversion

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This conversion utilizes genuine Team Associated parts along with custom 1up Racing C-Hubs and Inner Mounts machined from 7075-T6 aluminum for maximum durability and weight savings. During testing, i...
Part Number: asc1up150101
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This Conversion Utilizes Genuine Team Associated Parts Along With Custom 1Up Racing C-Hubs And Inner Mounts Machined From 7075-T6 Aluminum For Maximum Durability And Weight Savings.

During Testing It Became Clear That The Standard Caster Block Design Allowed For Too Much Flex Which Caused The Car To Become Very Unpredictable At Times Especially On Bumpy Surfaces. Due To The Unique Design Of The 1Up Racing C-Hub The Rear Arms Now Retain Far More Material And Keep Their Rigidity Allowing The Dtc System To Work Well On A Wide Range Of Surfaces And Track Conditions!

You Can Expect A Noticeable Increase In Mid-Exit Steering With Dtc Allowing You To Get Back On Power Sooner! Dynamic Toe Is Easily Adjusted By Shimming The Outer Dtc Link Ball Studs. Less Shims Will Result In More Dynamic Toe Gain As The Suspension Compresses Resulting In More Forward Traction. More Shims Results In Less Dynamic Toe And Provides Increased Mid-Corner Rotation And Improved Stability Under Braking.

The Dtc Conversion Does Not Require Any Extra Drilling Or Modifications To The Existing Parts While Also Including All The Necessary Hardware For An Easy Bolt-On Installation!

1Up Racing Dtc C-Hubs (Pair)
1Up Racing Dtc Inner Mounts (Pair)
1Up Racing Dtc Bushings (X4)
Custom Machined Rear Arms (Pair)
+1Mm Dtc Knuckles (X2)
Factory Team Titanium Turnbuckles (X2)
Ball Cups (X4)
5Mm Silver Ballstuds (X4)
2Mm Washers (X4)
M3x6mm Fh Screws (X4)
M3x2.5Mm Set Screws (X2)
M3x8mm Set Screws (X2)


  • Machined From 7075-T6 Aluminum
  • Adjust Dynamic Toe & Static Toe Angles
  • Ability To Reduce Inboard Toe Angle
  • 2Mm Forward Wheelbase Adjustment
  • +1Mm Offset Knuckles Included
  • Optional Knuckle Matches Stock Hub Geometry
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