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1Up Racing Fluid Pro Pack - Includes Gold Clear Blue Red

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The 1up Racing Pro Pack includes all 3 of our race proven lubricants as a convenient, money saving set. 1UP RACING GOLD AW GREASE Unlike anything on the market! This anti-wear grease has a synthetic ...
Part Number: 1up120501
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The 1Up Racing Pro Pack Includes All 3 Of Our Race Proven Lubricants As A Convenient Money Saving Set.

1Up Racing Gold Aw Grease
Unlike Anything On The Market! This Anti-Wear Grease Has A Synthetic Base Lubricant That Clings Tenaciously To Metal Surfaces For Increased Life And Smooth Operation. Works Extremely Well On Universals Dogbones And Gears!

1Up Racing Blue O-Ring Grease
1Up Racing Blue O-Ring Grease Is The Perfect Answer For The Serious Racer Looking To Get The Most Performance From Their Car! With It's Superior Ability To Reduce Sliding Friction Your Shocks Will Feel Smoother Than Ever! Perfect For Use On Diff O-Rings And Seals To Provide Long Lasting Smooth Operation And Helps Prevent Leaking!

1Up Racing Pro Bearing Oil
This Ultra-Thin Bearing Oil Soaks Into Metal Providing Long Lasting Protection And Increased Drivetrain Efficiency. Also Works Excellent As Cv Joint Oil When Running In Dusty Conditions.

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