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1 Cell / 2 Cell Complete Charging Cable Combo

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This combo includes our #2620 complete charging cable assembly with stepped 4/5mm bullets (to charge both 4mm and 5 mm batteries), and #2214 1s/2s switch extension that enables you to charge both 1S ...
Part Number: tqw2624
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This Combo Includes Our #2620 Complete Charging Cable Assembly With Stepped 4/5Mm Bullets (To Charge Both 4Mm And 5 Mm Batteries) And #2214 1S/2S Switch Extension That Enables You To Charge Both 1S And 2S Packs By Simply Moving A Switch!


  • 1S - Move The Switch Towards The Charger (Position 1) Use Only The Positive/Negative Leads For A 1S Battery And You're Setup For 1S Charging.
  • 2S - Move The Switch Towards You (Position 2) Use The Positive/Negative Leads And The Balance Lead And You're Setup For 2S Charging.
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